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Universal circuit breaker how it works
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The use of universal circuit breakers in our daily work life is extensive and always plays a role in the safety protection of our safety.

Now let's take a quick look at the universal circuit breaker, which is also called a frame circuit breaker. It has the ability to connect, carry and open the circuit under the open circuit. It can also be used under the abnormal circuit that meets the standard. A mechanical switching device that connects and carries current and limits current.



So how do you use it specifically? In most cases, we usually use two methods. The first one is through the electric closing method and the other is the manual manual operation. When the main contact is closed, the free release will take the main contact. It is placed above the closing position. The coils on the overcurrent release and the components of the thermal trip are connected in series with the main circuit. The coil on the overvoltage release will be connected in parallel with the power supply. If there is a short circuit in the circuit or too much electrical equipment is carried, the armatures on the overcurrent release will close close to each other, so that they are free to take off. The buckle will work and the main contacts will be disconnected from the main circuit. When the universal circuit breaker works normally, the coil above it is not energized. When we need to control it at a certain distance, we only need to press and hold the start button so that the coil will be powered on, and the armature will take off. The buckle works so that the main contacts are automatically disconnected.

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