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Company profile

Shanghai Nengman Electric Co.,Ltd It is a comprehensive electric and electrical enterprise engaged in research and development,production and sales of high and low voltage electrical products such as distribution electrical appliances,control electrical appliances,terminal electrical appliances and power supply electrical appliances.Committed to bringing safe power to everyone,every family,every organization,and building a stable core of smart power.

Shanghai Nengman Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the world economic center of Shanghai. The company was re-consolidated on the basis of the original company. The company has several professional manufacturing companies and research centers, and there are many domestic and foreign distributors. Special distribution network, the company has established a sound technical support, the base is distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places.

Shanghai Nengman Electric specializes in R&D, production and operation: various circuit breakers and corresponding leakage, self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protectors, dual-power automatic transfer switches, control and protection switches NMCPS, soft starters, inverters, reactors, disconnectors , AC contactor, multi-function power meter, intelligent lighting control module, EPS fire emergency power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply and other power supply equipment and complete sets of electrical components, the company is making the company's products better and stronger, through the introduction of electrical talents, improve production Equipment and innovative product technology continuously improve and improve the quality, shape and type of the company's products. The products are widely used in municipal, construction, electric power, water conservancy, hospital, banking, commercial, civil air defense, military, metallurgical and chemical industries. Many of the company's products have become a trusted supplier of many corporate organizations and engineering projects in China!

Creation is the fundamental mission of manufacturing; creativity is the core competitiveness of manufacturing. The company will further focus on “focusing on national strategy, promoting high-tech industrialization, and vigorously developing low-carbon economy”, increasing investment in new energy industry, and improving the overall competitiveness of the company through technological advancement and international operational capabilities. The company continuously improves its management level and provides more efficient and greener energy and safety industrial electrical equipment for China and the world. Canmann Electric focuses on quality and research and development, and is committed to building integrated, automated, informational and intelligent electrical products. Every day is a new beginning!

We can live up to the storm and persist in high quality, unwavering, innovative, meeting challenges and broadening the market. Nowadays, we have a lot of fruit, we cherish it and don't dare to slack off. Honor is just a compliment yesterday. Our pursuit is in the future.

Nengman Electric insists on producing high-quality products and resists all temptations; insists on not taking shortcuts, rejects opportunism, is steadfast, has long-term investment, and has accumulated a lot of efforts; adheres to customer-centered, struggle-oriented, long-term arduous struggle, and self-improvement . We will not live up to the historic opportunity that the times have generously given us, and we will work hard to build a high-quality electrical brand in China.