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Universal circuit breaker installation conditions
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Are you equipped with the environmental conditions required to install a universal circuit breaker? Specially, customers who use it for the first time should pay attention to this because the performance of the equipment will be greatly affected and the personal safety will be threatened if the environmental conditions do not allow it.

1. The temperature of the environment used by the universal circuit breaker should not exceed 40 degrees. The minimum temperature should not be lower than -5 degrees. As long as the product is used within this range, the performance can be guaranteed. It is also necessary to confirm the environment within 24 hours. The temperature change should not be greater than 35 degrees. The result is that the condensation inside the device will not only affect the operation of the device but also reduce the service life.

2, the environmental elevation of this product should be absolutely noticed, although it is almost impossible to exceed this value, but still pay attention to, the environmental altitude of the universal circuit breaker installed can not be greater than 2000m, although this will cause huge damage to the equipment. A grade failure problem will also occur frequently.

3, the last is the universal circuit breaker installation environment good humidity can not exceed 90%, but this is the normal temperature, if you use the ambient temperature like 40 degrees, then the humidity should be kept below 50% because of humidity Larger ones will produce a certain amount of water inside the equipment.


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