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Universal circuit breaker common fault problem
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As a safety protection for other electrical equipment, the universal circuit breaker will have any problems in normal daily use, which will cause this product to fail to operate normally. Here are some tips for you to avoid as much as possible.

1, no reason to trip

The accidental trip, also known as the malfunction, is that the universal circuit breaker automatically takes protective measures when there is no fault, which causes the entire line to be disconnected. This phenomenon is very common. Most of the reasons are due to equipment aging or equipment parameters. There are problems that can only be checked carefully.

2, unable to trip or trip failed

When the line fails, the universal circuit breaker can't be protected. This kind of problem will seriously affect the operation of other equipment. It must be solved quickly. There are many reasons for this problem, but most of them are Because the parts inside the device are loose, these loose parts affect the operation of the contacts and ultimately prevent the device from tripping.

The above is the failure to trip or some of the problems that may occur in this product. Please make sure that you can use the universal circuit breaker safely when you are unable to trip or use it to avoid and avoid these problems.


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