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Self-resetting over-voltage and undervoltage protector features
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Do you know the characteristics of the self-resetting over-voltage protector? If you don't know enough about the basics of self-resetting over-voltage protectors, then let me introduce you to the following.

1. Self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protector This product will take measures to cut off the line when the fault occurs. When the voltage of the line returns to normal, it will automatically reset and connect the line. No one of them needs to go artificially. Control only needs to set the undervoltage value when starting this product to make this product safe for your electricity.

2. The self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protector will not take measures to cut off the line when facing some faults. For example, the faulty equipment such as line transient fault and transient over-voltage will not move. This can greatly increase this product. The stability makes this difficult to malfunction.

3. When the fault voltage in the circuit where you install the self-resetting over-voltage protector exceeds the limit of this product, the product will not continue to be powered off due to damage. Ability to use electricity with peace of mind.

4. The self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protector can make the maintenance personnel better notice that the line is abnormal, because this product has the diode light to indicate the current working status. If it is green, the equipment runs normally and there is no problem when switching to Red is the amount of undervoltage or other problems in the line.


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