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Self-resetting over-voltage and undervoltage protector FAQ
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This content is for you to answer some of the hot questions about the customer's self-resetting over-voltage protector. If you have any questions about this product, you can use this content to solve the problem.

1, no power failure

If you are using a self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protector, you can do some work on the device, such as whether the device itself has a fault, or you are using self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protection. The undervoltage parameter set by the gas is abnormal.

2. Can the self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protector replace the circuit breaker?

Many customers will confuse the self-resetting over-voltage protector with the circuit breaker, so that this product can replace the circuit breaker. In fact, the two products can not be compared because the protection function of this product has a significant gap. The trip is used to protect the device when the current fault is higher than the breaker set value, while the self-resetting overvoltage and undervoltage protector trips to protect the device when the line voltage is lower than the set value.

3, self-resetting over-voltage and undervoltage protector

The function of the self-resetting over-voltage protector is very simple. It protects the device from turning off the device when the voltage is too low to prevent the device from being damaged by the low voltage and allowing the customer to use the electrical product with peace of mind.


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