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Universal circuit breaker features
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  The universal circuit breaker is an important component of the power distribution system. It can play a role of control and protection in the system. It has many characteristics. The small series has been summarized as the following four points:


1. Universal circuit breakers have a variety of protection functions to ensure the safety of power lines and electrical equipment. In the event of a serious overload or malfunction of the power line or electrical equipment, the universal circuit breaker will immediately actuate the circuit, and its function will combine the rain-fuse switch with the over-heat relay. In addition to the above overload protection function, it also has under voltage protection, short circuit protection, etc., which can effectively solve the problem of power equipment and power line failure.

2. The universal circuit breaker can play the role of control, cut off and connect the load circuit to ensure the normal operation of the power equipment. The universal circuit breaker is compact in structure, mainly due to the contact system, arc extinguishing system, operating mechanism, trip unit, etc., and the rationality of the structure leads to the small size and light weight of the universal circuit breaker, and the installation area is not too large. Requirements, very in line with the requirements of industrial and mining enterprises, transformer substations and other places, can be used as the main switch, play a controlling role.

3. The universal circuit breaker adopts the insulation board as the protective measure on the left and right sides, effectively isolating the conductors to ensure the safety during daily operation. All parts are placed in this frame to prevent corrosion of parts and improve the reliability of parts. Reasonable cooperation of components inside the frame provides different functions for the universal circuit breaker to form a stable electrical switch.

4. Compared with other circuit breakers, the rated current of the universal circuit breaker and the rated current of the frame type are large, so the universal circuit breaker allows the current value to pass, which can be used to protect and control the motor infrequently. Start the asynchronous motor and protect it in the event of a motor failure.

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