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What is a universal circuit breaker?
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The universal circuit breaker is a kind of circuit breaker and is a very important electrical appliance in the power distribution network and electric drive system. The universal circuit breaker combines control and multiple protection functions. In addition to the ability to complete contact and disconnection of the power line, it can also protect the circuit or electrical equipment from overload, under voltage, short circuit and other faults to ensure the safety of power equipment and power lines.


Universal circuit breakers are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, variable distribution stations and other places, as the main switch, play a role of control and protection. Compared with other types of circuit breakers, the rated current of the universal circuit breaker and the rated current of the frame level are large, generally 630-6300. Once the power line or the electrical equipment fails, the universal circuit breaker can fully play its role, operate in a very short time, the main contact is disconnected, the faulty power supply is cut off, and the power equipment or power line is protected. . It can also be operated according to the need to control the disconnection of the power line or the current in the circuit. When the power line needs to be repaired, the power line is cut off to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel.

The universal circuit breaker is relatively compact in structure, small in size and light in weight. The three-dimensional arrangement form consists of a contact system, a transient overcurrent release, an operating mechanism, a manual disconnect button, etc., and an insulating plate is installed on both sides of the circuit breaker to ensure isolation between the circuit breaker and the conductor. The safety of the universal circuit breaker.


The universal circuit breaker is installed and used to improve the reliability of power supply, avoid unnecessary power failure, precise operation, use electrical equipment and power lines to avoid the hazard of the fault, and ensure the stability of the power distribution system.