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Universal circuit breaker features
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The circuit breaker is in a three-dimensional arrangement, and the left and right side plates of the contact system and the instantaneous overcurrent release are all mounted on an insulating plate. The upper part is equipped with an arc extinguishing system, and the operating mechanism can be installed directly in front or on the right side, with “minute”, “close” indication and manual disconnect button. The upper left is equipped with a shunt release, and the back is equipped with an undervoltage release connected to the trip half shaft. The fast saturation current transformer or current-to-voltage converter is placed on the lower busbar. Undervoltage delay devices, thermal relays or semiconductor trip units can be mounted separately below. The DW15-1000, 1600, 2500, 4000 circuit breakers are in a three-dimensional arrangement. The frame is composed of a chassis, side plates and beams. Each phase contact system is mounted on the chassis, and the arc chamber is installed on the top. The operating mechanism is connected to the contact system through the spindle at the right front of the circuit breaker. The electric operating mechanism is integrally connected to the lower part of the circuit breaker through the square shaft and the mechanism, and is used as the energy storage or direct closing of the circuit breaker. The closing after the energy storage is carried by the energy release electromagnet. An anti-bounce mechanism is installed above the left side plate to prevent the circuit breaker from bouncing when it is disconnected.


Various overcurrent releases are installed under the circuit breaker according to different requirements. The undervoltage, shunt release and electric operation control are installed on the left side, wherein the undervoltage and shunt release pass through the trip unit and the amplifying mechanism. Connected to reduce the tripping force of the circuit breaker. 12 pairs of auxiliary contacts are used for the user to connect the secondary circuit. The panel has indicators “1”, “0” and “storage energy” indicating the working position of the circuit breaker, as well as buttons for closing and opening. 1” “0” (both pressed). DW15-1000, 1600 circuit breakers are equipped with front manual operating handles; DW15-2500, 4000 are equipped with manual operating handles for maintenance (can be removed).