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The role of dual power automatic switch
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Let us understand its role?

When the power is lost due to an accident and the power cannot be restored within a short period of time, the backup power supply should be enabled.


Cut off the main circuit of the mains supply (including the circuit breakers of the power distribution room control cabinet, the double power supply switch box, the power supply breaker), open the double-injection anti-backup switch to the side of the self-supplied power supply, and keep the dual power supply switch box The backup power circuit breaker is in the off state.

Start the standby power supply (diesel generator set). When the standby group is running normally, close the generator air switch and the circuit breakers in the self-supplied power control cabinet.

Each backup power supply breaker in the power switching box is closed one by one, and power is supplied to each load.

During the operation of the standby power supply, the personnel on duty shall not leave the generator set, and adjust the voltage and plant frequency in time according to the change of the load, and find that the abnormality is handled in time.


2. When the mains supply resumes power supply, the power conversion work should be done in time, the backup power supply should be cut off, and the mains supply should be restored.


Disconnect each circuit breaker of the self-supplied power supply one by one in sequence, in the order: dual power supply switch box self-supplied power circuit breaker → self-supplied power distribution cabinet each circuit breaker → generator main switch → dial the double-throw switch to the mains supply side.

Stop at the diesel engine shutdown step.

In sequence, each circuit breaker is closed one by one from the mains supply main switch to each shunt switch, and the dual power switch box is placed in the closed position from the mains supply circuit breaker.