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Dual power automatic switch is developed on the road
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The essence of the dual power automatic switching device is actually an electrical device that converts one or several load circuits from one power source to another, generally consisting of one or several switching switch devices and other necessary electrical appliances. Its main function is to monitor the circuit, and when it fails, it can quickly switch one or several load circuits from one power source to another. The high-powered, dual-power automatic switch is also becoming more and more valuable in the electrical industry because of the user's favor.

Here is an example of her role in practice. When a circuit failure occurs, the dual power automatic switch converts the switch. At this time, the EPS (emergency) power supply starts to solve the effect of the emergency lighting, the ups also starts, and provides an uninterrupted back power supply.


In recent years, the dual-power automatic switch has developed rapidly in China, and the future has been bright all the way. It has mainly experienced three links.

From contactors to molded case circuit breakers/load disconnectors, and finally to integrated automatic transfer switch appliances, the products are progressing in constant thinking. Improve in constant opinions.

The first generation of contactors, this kind of power switching Stone uses the contactor as the switching component. The working principle is that the switching function uses the intermediate relay or the logic control module to form the secondary loop to complete the control function, which is generally a non-standard product, but Soon, in the user name, the product is easy to heat up, contact bonding and coil burnout. This is mainly caused by the structural characteristics that the main circuit contactor needs long-term energization of the secondary circuit, and because it is a non-standard product, it has more original components. So the cost is also relatively high.

After learning the lesson, the second generation of molded case circuit breakers was introduced in the near future. These switches belong to CB-class transfer switch electrical appliances. Two circuit breakers are used as current breaking units, and equipped with current release devices, which have certain protection capabilities. The on/off capability of the circuit breaker is much higher than the relay. The power switching system is structured with a molded case circuit breaker as the switching execution component, and the switching function is completed by the ATS automatic control unit. In addition, it has a mechanical and electrical interlocking function, which makes the function more perfect, the structure is more stable, and the user name is more Good operational experience. Compared with the former, the original components are much smaller than the contactor type, which makes the installation more simple and convenient. The most products also have a certain improvement in durability, which makes the life of the product much improved. However, the product is still very good. Because of the difference between the circuit breaker and the load isolation switch itself, the effect is not as good as that of the pc in actual use. Therefore, after thinking, we have considered it.

The third generation of product load disconnecting switches will follow in the near future. This is one of the best in the pc-class products. The load-isolated switch-type transfer switch electrical device is electrically mounted on the basis of two load isolating switches. Institutions, mechanical interlocking mechanisms, automatic control units, etc. are assembled in an integrated manner. The product also uses spring energy storage, so the structure can be accelerated in a flash. Can quickly turn on, break the circuit or perform circuit conversion. With this structure, the product is also improved in operational performance, making the reliability of the product more prominent. However, since the contact arc extinguishing system is designed to break the primary arc, it does not have the protection function of the circuit.

Finally, after repeated discretion, the modern integrated automatic transfer switch type appears first in front of the user. In the structure, this kind of power conversion system is a combination of switch and logic control, without the need for an external controller, realizing mechatronics. Automatic transfer switch. The product is small in size and simple in structure. It can be converted in a short time, and the motor-driven switch ensures that the product can be operated smoothly and reliably after the advantages of rapid conversion. It also has significant energy savings. The product does not have the advantages of temperature rise, heat generation, contact bonding, and coil burnout, and finally becomes mainstream in the market.