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Importance and operation of dual power automatic switch
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Electricity is the main energy source in the 21st century. Its invention drives the progress and development of science and technology. Whether it is industrial production or small to family, it is inseparable from the use of electricity. Before the invention of new energy sources, electricity can be said. It is a hegemon, a place that governs the entire world and needs electricity. The convenience of electricity makes it appeal to everyone. Because of the reliability of electricity, people need him very much, it seems that they can not do without it.

I believe that everyone has experienced the power outage. When the power is cut off, the household electrical equipment can not be used. For example, in the summer, the weather is so hot. If there is no electricity, if there is no air conditioning, we will sweat hot and sweat. It is quite uncomfortable. The blackouts in the home have caused us problems. In other places where there is no power outage, if the power is cut off, the consequences are unimaginable. Seriously, we will find irreparable economic losses.

Banks are one of the places where power can not be cut off. If there is a power outage, the work in the bank will not be able to operate normally. Bankers will lose a lot of data when they suddenly lose power at work, causing difficulties for the service people.

difficult. Therefore, in order to ensure normal business and prevent sudden power outages during the business process, the dual power automatic switch becomes a necessary device.

The dual-power automatic switch can be automatically connected to the standby power supply when a sudden power failure occurs during the process of using electricity. When the standby power reinforcement can continue to work for the power equipment, there will be no support for the reinforcements. Our food is not broken, our operation is not interrupted because of power outages, and we can continue to operate.

The dual power automatic switch is mainly used in the emergency power supply system to automatically switch the load circuit from one power source to another, so as to ensure that the important loads are continuous and can operate normally and reliably. Its excellent function and reliability make it widely used and it is entrusted with the task of applying it to important places of use. If these important places are not equipped with dual power automatic switch, the harm caused by sudden power failure will be unimaginable, which will cause economic losses, stop production and financial paralysis, and more serious things will cause social problems and make people's lives And safety is in dire straits. Many industrialized countries are also very concerned about this issue. They also list the production and use of dual-power automatic switch as a key product and limit it to specifications.

Sometimes, due to power outages, when there is no way to restore normal power supply for a period of time, we must activate the backup power supply. We can do this: 1. Cut off the mains supply circuit breakers (including power distribution room control) Each circuit breaker of the cabinet uses the dual power supply to switch the box to the city power supply breaker, and pulls the double-projection anti-reverse switch to the side of the self-supplied power supply, so that the self-backup electric power supply breaker inside the dual power supply switching box can be kept broken. Open the state of not connected.