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QZB auto-decompression transformer
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1. Conditions of use

The transformer works reliably under the following conditions;

1) The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;

2) The temperature of the surrounding medium is not high + 40 ° C and not lower than -30 ° C;

3) The relative humidity of the air is not more than 85%;

4) Where there is no explosive atmosphere, and there is no conductive dust in the medium that is sufficient to corrode the metal and destroy the insulation;

5) Places without severe vibration and shock and places not affected by rain and snow.

2. Technical characteristics

1) This autotransformer is suitable for three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors with a typical industrial AC voltage of 380V, a frequency of 50Hz and a power of 300KW and below.

2) The autotransformer is a single-turn transformer. The primary and secondary sides share a winding winding, and the transformation ratio is fixed. The autotransformer has a simple structure and materials compared with the general transformer of the same capacity. Province, small size and other advantages, widely used in 10KW and above 300kW asynchronous motor step-down starting box.

3. Use and maintenance

1) It can be used for a long time in the nameplate capacity of this transformer. Do not overload.

2) Before using the transformer, check whether the data listed on the nameplate match.

3) The auto-transformer has a standby voltage rating of 60% (65%) and 80% of the two taps. Before use, it is connected to 60% (65%) taps.

On the above, if a large starting torque is required, it can be used on the 80% tap.

4) After the autotransformer is started twice, it is measured by the resistance method. The temperature rise of each section of the winding does not exceed 130 ° C, and the second start time interval is 4 hours.

5) The maximum starting time is two minutes (including the sum of two or several consecutive starting times). The cooling time to be started is not less than 4 hours before starting again. Therefore, this product is only used for long-term interval starting, not suitable for frequent Used under operating conditions.

6) During the transportation and storage process, the transformer shall not be affected by rain or snow. It should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place during storage to avoid damage.

4. Canmann auto-decompression starting transformer QZB shape and installation size


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