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NMWGR isolating switch fuse group
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The NMWGR series isolating switch fuse group combination is suitable for low-voltage power distribution systems with AC 50Hz and rated working voltages of AC400V and AC690V. The product fully meets the needs of low-voltage distribution load of 32 ~ 800A current level.

NMWGR series isolating switch fuse group can be connected with load and disconnected line. It has reliable breaking position padlock function, which provides isolation and protection functions in the line, and can provide short circuit, overload and phase failure protection.

Each phase of the NMWGR series isolating switch fuse group is a double-contact four-breakpoint structure, which has extremely high switching-on and breaking-off capability and is safer to use.

The NMWGR series isolating switch fuse group adopts a fully enclosed arc extinguishing mechanism. The product has zero external arc flying, and can be equipped with a sophisticated electronic fuse monitor for safe operation and maintenance.

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