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NMILC-TC4L/20A latitude and longitude time control module
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Product Details

Performance characteristics

■ Magnetic holding relay, the maximum operating current of the circuit is 50A

■ Built-in 220V switching power supply

■ Support latitude and longitude control and arbitrary time control

■RS485 communication

■Remote centralized control and local control

■Fire linkage

■Emergency manual control

■Load status display

■Support light control, human body induction control

■Support wireless control

Technical Parameters

■Working voltage: AC220V

■Working current: 90mA

■ Ambient temperature: 0~45°C

■Environmental humidity: ≤90%RH

■Rated current: single 20A/50A, anti-surge force up to 170A

■ Static power consumption: 0.5W

■Maximum power consumption: 8W

■ Relay electrical durability: 100,000 times

■Communication port: R5485BUS

■Installation method: 35mm standard rail installation, accounting for 4 modules

■ Appearance size: 108mm (L) x 88mm (W) × 64mm (H)

Product size chart


Wiring schematic


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