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NMILC-DM4L/0~10V dimming module
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Basic parameters

●Input voltage: DC12V

●Static power consumption: 15mA/DC12V

● Dynamic power consumption: 40mA/DC12V

● Output circuit: 4-channel 0-10V dimming

●Rated voltage: 250VAC (5060Hz)

● Protection: external circuit breaker is required

●Installation method: standard 35mm rail mounting

● Size: 145 × 90 × 62mm (length x width x height)

The main function

●4 loop dimming

● Comes with a scene controller, up to 128 blocks

● Each loop has low-end limiting, high-end limiting, maximum limiting

● to adapt to different loads

● Each circuit has manual switch control

●Short circuit protection, over temperature protection

●LED light shows loop status

● Device restart can specify the scene

● Power-on can restore the state before power-off

●With fire signal input and feedback interface

●With remote programming and management functions

●E-BUS bus communication

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