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NM-GPRS wireless transmission module
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Performance characteristics

■ Quad-band: GSM850/900, DCS1800/1900, universal;

■ Support GSM/GPRS/EDGE network, 2G/3G/4G mobile phone card, Unicom, mobile phone card or IoT card are available;

■ Support 2 network connections at the same time online, support TCP / UDP;

■ Industrial grade module with stable performance and guaranteed quality;

■ Support SMS setting module parameters;

■ The port supports multiple working modes: SMS transparent transmission mode and network transparent transmission mode;

■ Support 8K data cache, cache data is not lost when connection is abnormal;

■ Wide voltage range of the port, supporting DC4V-55V power supply, covering most application scenarios;

■ Support for sending registration package/heartbeat packet data;

■ Support module automatically restarts the full transparent transmission mode when there is no data transmission for a long time;

■ Support CTS/RTS and RS485 enable hardware flow control;

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